• Outlaws win Legends National Cup!

    The Arizona Outlaws 2022/23 team had an impressive weekend at Legends National Cup. The team went 5-0 and had an impressive 48 goals for and 9 goals against over the 5 games. This was a very solid performance... More
  • Outlaws Upcoming Field Tournaments

    3d Desert Hustle, January 9th-10th. Scottsdale, AZ. Aderenaline Challenge, January 9th-10th. Mesa, AZ Adrenaline Blackjack Classic, January 16th-18th, Maricopa, AZ      
  • Outlaws Fall 2020 Field Travel Team Registration

    Were you invited to play for one of our Fall 2020 field travel teams?   Register today!  Register on the Arizona Outlaws website by clicking here and registering through our website's registration link. Sele... More